Free Pomodoro timer right in your browser
Screenshot of a timer running in AnotherPomodoro

What does it do?

AnotherPomodoro helps you keep track of your time.

Just work or take a break when it says so.

Time to get things done
25 minutes
Short pause
Watch a video, read an article, drink a coffee
5-15 minutes
Long pause
Take a nap or go for a walk
15 minutes

Feature list

Audio & Notifications
No trackers
No ads & pop-ups
Clean design
Adaptive ticking
Multiple languages
Dark mode
... and more to come


Can I change those timers?
Absolutely! You can change the work, pause and long pause timers to whatever you want! You can also change how frequent long pauses are!
Will this app help me?
That depends on you. This app tries hard to create a motivating environment with its clean design and flexibility, but it's up to you whether you follow the schedule it gives you.
Hint If you realize you can't work 25 minutes straight or a break of 5 minutes is too short, adjust them to something more comfortable. Don't give up, follow a more relaxed schedule and progressively go stricter.
Does it collect any data?
Nope! The app runs only in your browser, no data is being collected or sent anywhere!
How will it remember my settings then?
It relies on your browser to do that. If you clear your browser data, the app's settings will revert to their defaults, too.
Hint If you want to keep your settings, don't use the app in private browsing (incognito mode).
So what do I need to know to use this app?
Absolutely nothing. If you don't want to delve into the settings, just start the timer and listen for the audio chime when it finishes. Once it's done, start the next timer when you're ready. No knowledge is necessary to use this timer, just pay attention to the time left!
Which timer style should I use?
That depends on how obscure you want the timer to be. Traditional looks like "12:34" (seconds-precision), approximate looks like "13 minutes" and percentage looks like "50%".

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